Getting CFI (Certified Flight Instructor)

Limitations & Qualifications
A flight instrucor allows you to give training and endorsements relate to:
E A student pilot certificates
E A pilot certificate
E A flight instructor certificate
E A ground instructor certificate
E An aircraft rating
E An instrument rating
E A flight review, operating previlege, or recency of experience requirement of this part
E A practical test
E A knowledge test
Eligibility Requirements
Be at least 18 years of age
Hold a commercial pilot helicopter certificate
Pass two FAA written examinations
Pass an FAA oral and flight test
Obtain sufficient dual instruction for proficiency
Estimate of CFI
The following course are based on FAA minimum times. Individual completion times may vary depending on training requirements, scheduling, and ability.
R22 Helicopter
25 hours of dual instruction@$325/hr   $8,125.00
25 hours ground instruction@$85/hr   $2,125.00
Pilot starter kits (Test prep) $16.18
FAA written test $300.00
FAA flight test $700.00
Total $11,266.18